Sunday, March 14, 2010


This week is spring break and I have a LOT I need to do.  It really could be done any time, but without the usual time constraints on my schedule, maybe this week is the best week to start!  I'm going to put my to-do list here and cross off as items are accomplished.  Monday, we are going to my grandmother's to spend the day.  She is giving me her car (what an incredible blessing!), so now I'll have a reliable car!

1.  Schedule DH's work week
2.  Put away laundry
3.  Wash and put away dishes (and keep it that way)
4.  Trim rose bushes and catalpa tree
5.  Put away all toys (and PURGE)
6.  Work out a written routine for oldest son (to hold him accountable in the morning and evening)
7.  Organize coupons (and keep up with it)
8.  Put away the papers on and around my desk
9.  Organize my craft area
10.  Sort through the boys' clothes (purge and donate)
11.  Find a happy home for 3 pieces of furniture
12.  Straighten and organize office area
13.  Organize and purge cabinets above washer and dryer
14.  Change out bed frame
15.  Get rid of trash on the side of the house
16.  Get all sticks and such in a pile for the next pickup
17.  Mail Flat Stanley back to nephew
18.  Take care of MOPS paperwork
19.  Mail back Neilson scanner (not what it's cracked up to be)
20.  Put together recipe cards to go with SIL's wedding gift

If I think of something else, I'll add it.  Kind of overwhelming, but it will feel SO GOOD to do this stuff!

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