Friday, March 5, 2010

Dead Car, Scentsy, Clean House and God

Come in and grab a cup of your favorite!  For me, it's a Dr Pepper this morning.

I sold my car yesterday.  I had a 94 Ford Explorer.  I bought it used in 1999 with 70,000 miles.  When it left me, it had 217,480 miles.  They paid me $250.  It had many problems including an electrical problem that cropped up Wednesday night on the way home from church.

God is good!  My grandmother recently moved in with my uncle and is giving me her car.  It is in the repair shop as I write this, waiting on a part.  So I'll be without a car for a week.  And I think that's a good thing.

When talking to my friend last night, I told her about selling my car.  She offered me the use of an extra car she has right now.  I was wondering how I was going to get to Bible study on Wednesday since my husband works. Now I have a way.

This deal is a great reminder to me of God's timing and God's provision.  It's not always what I expect or what I want, but it is always what I need and is always a great reminder of His love and care for me, even in the small things.  Because, really, a car is a small thing in the grand scheme of life.

God speaks to me through my blog.  Often, I sit down to write a post and it turns out as a lesson for me.  I don't plan them to be deep or meaningful, but that's where God leads.  And in that, I am humbled.

Well, I have an entire house to clean (okay, it's a small house and I'm not worried about certain rooms).  I am having a Scentsy party tonight and the house is a disaster.  And rather than work on it yesterday, I drove into Ft Worth to sell my car and then came home and we worked on a plumbing project (which we CONQUERED, by the way!).  So, before 5 pm tonight, I need to finish my kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom.  The boys' bedroom and playroom just need to be straightened some.  I'm not meticulously organizing a room in which several children will descend and destroy enjoy tonight.  My room and the office won't be seen, so they have to wait.  And I need to mix up a batch of vanilla chai tea mix to have on hand tonight.

One more thought, after today, my room will have priority in cleaning.  It is sanctuary for my husband and me.  I want him to have a relaxing place to chill.  Eventually, I want to repaint.  Right now, the walls are a deep red (think Aggie red - and I'm a Longhorn fan).  I'd like to paint three walls brown and one wall sage green.  I'm also going to paint some furniture a coordinating color (a large dresser and nightstand as well as the headboard).  Or maybe I'll invest in a staple gun and recover some stuff.  I'm feeling crafty after seeing some simple projects on blogs (check out the crafty blogs and house and home blogs on my blogroll).

Okay, I'm off on my crazy day and tomorrow I work (I do overnight parties at the FW Zoo).

Have a great and wonderful and blessed weekend!


  1. Wow, that Explorer served you well! And then God always.

    Thank you for reminding me of something - I need to fix up my room! You're right, it IS a sanctuary. Unfortunately that has been the last room we've unpacked and there are still boxes everywhere. Not very inviting...

  2. Thanks for the Dr. Pepper. :) It sounds like you stay plenty busy...between the kids and other commitments. I hope you can take Rachel Anne's "Slice of Heaven" challenge this weekend and relax!

  3. Fun post. Glad God took care of the car issue. Isn't that amazing! It is great to see his hand at work.
    I am in the F.W. area too. We are in Roanoke. So we are kind of neighbors. I was intriqued by the over night zoo gig.
    Have a good evening.

  4. Thanks everyone for stopping by!

    I had such a nice time with my friends this evening and it was good to get to serve them. And my house smells great from the Scentsy samples.

    My Slice of Heaven will be a hot bath after working at the zoo with a magazine and a cup of chai tea, then a long nap.

    The overnights at the zoo are fun! A basic overnight party starts off with a pizza dinner. Then we take the group out into the zoo (after it is closed) for a tour. When we get back, we have a snack and do a craft. Then it's bedtime. In the morning, we have a continental breakfast. Then our Wild Wonders program comes in and shows off 4 or so different animals (live in the room with everyone). Then we head out for a morning tour (before the zoo opens). By the time we are finished with the tour, the zoo is open and the group is welcome to stay for the rest of the day (and I get to head home).

  5. Oh, I'm with you...I've been wanting to redo my bedroom for such a very long's our sanctuary also and it's very small but I'd like it to be peaceful. I keep telling myself....maybe this year...

  6. How great to see God providing...not in the way you expected but in His perfect way!

    Hope you got all your cleaning done and had a great party. I should be cleaning, I am blogging instead, a girl has to have priorities!

    How fun to do parties at the zoo, my kids would KILL for me to have that long as they could come with me occasionally!

  7. i know exactly what you mean about God teaching you through your blog...Most of the things I write become mini sermons to myself...

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  8. I love the paint plans you have for your bathroom. I admire you for holding out on the color for so long - my husband, also a Longhorns fan, wouldn't be able to stand it for a minute! :)

    God really does teach us in everything, when we're ready to learn.