Friday, March 19, 2010

A Little Slice of Heaven

My inlaws have a ranch just 45 minutes west of us.  They don't live there.  It's a second property for them.  They've been redoing the ranch house (as in taking it down to the slab and rebuilding).  It's pretty much done.

The family and I packed up and headed there yesterday evening.  No TV, no radio, no phone (not great cell service).  24 hours of unplugged...NICE!!  We started with a campfire last night.  With just a small sliver of a moon, we could see so many stars.  Next time, we'll remember to bring the star cards so we can identify more constellations.

We slept in this morning until we were ready to get up (well, until the 4 year old was ready).  Andy took the boys out for a long walk to see what they could see.  Since I was behind on my Bible study, I stayed back for the absolute peace and quiet and worked on getting caught up.  (Never get behind in a precept class! LOL)

They came back for lunch and played for a while, then headed up the mountain.  They were specifically looking for tracks to report back on what kinds of animals were out and about.  Granddad specifically is looking for deer and turkey (turkey season is around the corner).  We had a wonderful day with no time constraints.  We left around 6 and headed to the best little pizza spot in Texas.  It's a hole in the wall joint in Mingus, TX.  But my oh my, they have WONDERFUL pizza!  You can easily founder yourself on that stuff!

That's how I spent the last 24 hours and I will definitely do it again soon!  Spending time with the family was soothing and peaceful.  (And next time, I'll remember the camera!)

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  1. Hi fellow company girl.
    What a wonderful getaway you and your family had. I have been dreaming of something like that lately and someday maybe we too will be able to do so.
    The camera is always so hard to remember. Yesterday while at the wild life park I discovered that though I had remembered to bring the camera I had managed to forget it in a bag in the car. So no pictures on us either :)
    Have a wonderful weekend.