Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crazy Month (i.e. May)

May just seems like a crazy month.  The school year is winding down and summer is coming.  The kids get antsy with anticipation.  It's exciting (and exhausting).

The weather right now is gorgeous.  The boys have been playing outside after school until I make them come in. It's great!

The older one (I really need nicknames for them) is taking his first TAKS test today (state assessment test).  He'll do fine.  He's done wonderfully on the practice tests and he is one smart cookie.  I get to sub (as a volunteer) in a class on Thursday.  They use teachers to administer the test.  In the past, they've had subs take over the classrooms, but there is a budget shortfall.  Many districts are facing the shortfall right now due to a state law that froze the amount the districts receive from the state.  So, his school is asking parents to volunteer their time.  I think it's a great way to help out and contribute.  They run a background check and everything, so they do what is necessary to keep the kids safe.  And they ask the teachers which parents to call.  All that to say that I'm excited to do it.

The younger one has not wanted to go to Mother's Day Out because he says he doesn't want to take a nap.  That child still needs a nap and he sleeps at school but not at home.  One more month and then he'll be getting ready for kindergarten in the fall!  Right now he's excited about kindergarten because he won't have to take a nap LOL.

I am working every weekend between now and Memorial Day.  This coming weekend and the next, I'm working two overnight parties in a row (a Friday and a Saturday each weekend).  It will be tiring, but the money will be nice!  I really enjoy my job at the zoo.  I am learning so much about the animals and I love getting to share that with kids.  And I like the people I work with.  If you are ever in the DFW area, you really should go to the Fort Worth Zoo.  It's one of the top 5 in the country and has a great new exhibit - MOLA (Museum of Living Arts) which is a big, fancy herpetarium.

Okay, that's enough boring stuff for one day.

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