Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First Thoughts on 90 Days

Well, I started strong!  I've done 2 days of the 90 day reading schedule.  I am excited for this!

I've tried the reading in a year thing and it just doesn't work.  A year seems like a really long time.  It seems too difficult to commit to something every single day for a year.  I know, take it one day at a time.  But still, it has always seemed like such a long road to travel.

This 90 day thing seems just right!  Some say that it's not enough time to absorb deep meaning.  Maybe not, but I believe my God is bigger than that.  I will absorb the meaning He wants me to absorb during this first go.  I'm doing other Bible studies for deeper meaning.  Besides that, we can get something more each and every time we read a verse or passage.  I plan on doing the 90-day reading many times.  Each time, I'll discover new nuggets - just what my Lord wants me to see at the right time for me.

I love how God reiterates the covenant He made with Abraham with Isaac and then Jacob.

Lord, I pray for Your covering and Your protection over this group that is taking this journey.  Protect us from the enemy.  Open our eyes and our hearts to Your truth and let us absorb exactly what You want for each of us.  Let it strengthen us and be a refuge.  In Your Son's Holy Name I ask this.

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