Friday, October 2, 2009

How I Organize Coupons

Before I start, let me say that there are several systems for organizing. What works best just depends on the individual. For me, I've tried binders, but I just can't get into them. I haven't tried just dating and filing inserts because it would be more work for me.

I use a box and envelopes. Here's my box:

It's a Sterilite box with a lid that snaps on (I keep my coupon scissors in there as well).

I have my envelopes labeled with categories and the categories are sorted by type. I have 6 main categories - Foods that are snacks, condiments and such, Foods that are boxed, bagged or canned, Frozen/refrigerated foods, Household goods (including paper products and cleaning products), Health and beauty, and Medical. Each category is broken down further. Some people find it helpful to alphabetize by company rather than break down by category. Use whatever works. I like having all brands of a certain type of food or item in one place. It makes it easier for me to do comparison shopping.

I buy 4 papers. I take all of one insert and pull out one page at a time - the same one from all 4 copies. I line them up and cut all four like pages at once. As I cut, I put the coupons in front of the envelopes where they are to be filed.

When I am finished, I go through the box and file the coupons in their envelopes. I also pull expired coupons at this time.


  1. Great system. I also use envelopes in a similar way. I like your idea for cutting multiple coupons.

  2. This is an interesting idea. What do you do on shopping day? Take the whole box, or just what you need?

  3. Good question! I pull coupons that match my grocery list and put them up front. I do take the whole box (fits easily into the seat in the buggy). Then, if I run across a great unadvertised deal, I am ready. Once I picked up 2 Dawn foaming pumps for 9 cents each after coupon. The store had clearanced just one fragrance and had 2 left. Since these are refillable, they ended up being CHEAP foaming pumps for my kitchen!

  4. Thanks! I have been doing a coupon binder, but it so time consuming. I like your idea!