Friday, March 12, 2010

On a Journey

I'm on a journey.  Well, we all are, aren't we?

My journey involves my faith.  I received a devotion yesterday from Proverbs 31 Ministries that really put my journey into focus.  She wrote about exactly with what I struggle.  She wrote how believing is much more than just acknowledging His death and resurrection.  That's where I have been stuck.

I "became a Christian" at Easter time when I was 6 years old (30 years ago).  I remember the day and making the decision.  But so many times, I wander far away from my Father.  I've been faithfully attending a church for over 3 years now.  It's opening my eyes to just how far from Him I am.  So far, in fact, that I rarely pray.  How can I possibly have a relationship when I don't speak to the other person for ages at a time?  Yesterday, I asked God to please keep me around long enough until my heart is right with Him.  I meant it when I walked that aisle 30 years ago, but I didn't understand the depth of faith.  I feel His tug on me.  He speaks to me and His truths whisper to me at the times I most desperately need them.  Sometimes they shout at me.  I can feel His guiding hand when I allow it.  So I know that I'm on the right road.  But I don't want to just be on the right road.  I want to be running toward my Father with abandon.  He has a lot of work to do on me, and, frankly, my flesh is scared of where that will take me.  I know wherever it is, He will be with me the entire way.

Am I alone in this journey?


  1. Hey there Melinda, I suspect you've got lots of company on your journey. I think we all get a bit comfortable, especially when everything is going well, and simply drift away. Aren't you so glad our Father draws us back to Himself? Sounds like He is whispering to you...and that is a good place to be. That's where I want to be, too.

  2. I think I used to be afraid of where the Lord might take me too. What I've found is a loving and gentle Father who has my best interest at heart. There is no safer place than resting in his arms! I'm so glad you are resting in Him. How precious that He absolutely is faithful to complete in you what He started!

  3. How precious that you have a desire for Him...that is where it starts! And I think where you are is very common to many of us! I have had times where I felt really close and times where I felt like I just couldn't quite get there but the awesome thing is that, no matter how we FEEL, the truth is He is always just waiting for us!He never leaves us! And we can be confident that He will complete the work he began in you!

  4. Thank you so much for your comments. My greatest fear is that I've missed the boat. I am learning not to rely on feelings, but to rely on Truth. That's been a big hurdle for me, but I am seeing progress! God bless!