Friday, April 9, 2010

Pulling Weeds

Happy Friday!  Grab a cup of your favorite drink and let's visit!

I love spring.  Everything is waking up.  It feels like coming out of a fog.  I especially love the bluebonnets on the sides of the roads around here.

What I don't love are weeds.  My yard is FULL of weeds.  I mean there truly isn't any grass; it's all weeds.  The worst are the sandburs.  We call them stickers around here.  And they are everywhere in my yard!  My yard is about 3300 square feet of weeds.

I want my boys to be able to play outside.  Can't do that with a yard FULL of stickers.  It's too painful.  So, I started to mow last week and noticed that there were a bunch of purple flowered weeds (among the blue-flowered weeds and yellow-flowered weeds).  I figured out that they were the sandburs.  I got around the yard one time with the mower and decided that it would be better to pull the weeds.  So, I began.

Let's just say that there are several sermons in pulling weeds.  Here is how God has been speaking to me:

  • Weeds must be dug out by the root or they will come back.  Sounds like how we need to deal with sin in our lives.
  • It can feel overwhelming when finding a place to start.  Just start.
  • The more you conquer, the more you want to conquer.
  • Sometimes, we need rest.
  • Weeds that come back were never really pulled in the first place, now were they?!
  • Pulling weeds can leave raw land - that's just ripe for green grass!
  • The longer you stay out, the more bare ground you expose; but the exposure is worth it to have a healthy yard.
  • You also expose yourself to the elements (think birds flying overhead).  But even that's not a deterrent!
We have a wedding to attend out of town this weekend. I'm feeling very overwhelmed with what we need to accomplish in the next week.  It seems like everything is happening at once.  I have to guard against worry.  That's the demon I'm fighting right now.  It's in His hands.  When I give up the worry, it's amazing how He works : ).  I just need to get out of the way.

Kindergarten registration is Thursday.  My younger son is going to kindergarten!  I'm excited and a little anxious.  I hope he's ready.  He's an August baby and was a little behind on speech development.  Worst case, he's not ready and we move to a different plan.  I think it will be good for him, though.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Check out this will bless your heart.


  1. Oh, how I miss the bluebonnets! Not so much with the stickers, though. I'm a transplanted Texan and I KNEW as soon as I read those two words that you were in Texas, too. Mostly 'cause we're the only people who call those little monsters "stickers." They don't even HAVE them in Ohio where I live now. Have a spectacular day!

  2. I am praying for you this weekend...You will get done what needs to be done....

    I have spent a lot of time this week asking God what he wants on my to do list. I have been absolutely amazed at how short the list is and how good I feel about it.

    Have fun at the wedding! Have a great weekend!

  3. Great post! Love your weed analogies! So true!
    Enjoy the wedding! Praying you start whittling away at your to do list this week.

  4. great lessons from the weeds...thanks for sharing!

  5. I registered my daughter for kindergarten yesterday. She's my fourth born, so I'll still have one at home with me but it still got me all sentimental to know that she's growing up. She's the opposite of your son, a November birthday, so she'll be oldest in her class. She's been looking forward to school since she turned 5. :)

    I can relate to everything you said about pulling weeds. God often speaks to me when I am in the garden too. Try not to let the root of worry grow in your life this week as you trust in Him.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. What a great lesson from the yard! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I hate those nasty stickers too. I need to do some serious weeding at my house as well. Good luck with yours.