Friday, January 22, 2010

Menu Planning - So How's That Working For Ya?

I decided to start menu planning a few weeks ago. I've officially been doing it for 2 weeks. On Sunday, after I assess my pantry and the grocery sales, I sit down and work out a plan for the upcoming week (Monday through Sunday). I have started a list of main courses in different categories and work from there. I include 1 or 2 nights of leftovers.

The verdict? I love it!! I'm not so tempted to go out to eat! We were eating out way too frequently (I'm too ashamed to admit how often). We have cut out eating out in the past, but life would happen and we'd slide back into this bad habit. Cooking at home saves so much money compared to eating out. Plus the food just tastes better than fast food and is generally healthier than restaurant food (I work to control the salt and fat).

I think cooking at home is one of the best frugal tips. We really are saving a lot of money!


  1. menu planning will help save you money it is one tip I share for everyone just starting out

  2. Good for you! One thing I would suggest is doing whatever prep ahead of time that you can. You can brown ground beef and freeze it in meal-sized portions, for example. If you're going to cut up one vegetable, why not cut up a few day's worth? (I sometimes to prep work in the afternoon or morning for later that day. It's so much easier than doing it all at once!)