Friday, January 29, 2010

Topsy-Turvy Week

Not a bad week, just a crazy one! I guess that's to be expected when you have children.

We spent Sunday moving my grandmother. She was moving to a smaller place, so we inherited some furniture. One of the pieces is her Lane chest that she bought in 1947. She put a note in it that said, "To Melinda Sue; From Grandma; Love You." Yes, that note will stay in that chest :)

Monday, we moved all of the stuff into our house with the help of a friend. Nothing is where it's supposed to be. I haven't figure out yet what I want to do with all of it. My monitor was going out, so I checked prices online and headed out to Best Buy and grabbed a new one. I finally graduated out of a CRT!!!

Tuesday, I watched my best friend's boys in the evening. Our church does Apples of Gold. I went through it last spring - it was AWESOME!!! The ladies in my group will be forever special to me. My friend has a chance to go through it and I am happy to watch her boys so that she can have this incredible experience!

Tuesday night, after I went to bed, was a different story. I started feeling, well, bloated. I woke up feeling a worse. I woke up again with a bad pain on my right side, front and back. I was up most of the night. Turns out that it was very likely my gall bladder. I spoke to a nurse I know over the phone and that's her educated guess. Then I spoke to my best friend who had the same pain and it was her gall bladder. So I'm avoiding fatty foods. I've been wanting to lose weight. I think this is God giving me motivation.

Wednesday morning I usually go to Bible study. Since I was feeling yuck and hadn't slept, I stayed home. (The enemy really works hard to keep us from fellowship). We are studying the book of Isaiah. I'm really looking forward to it. Wednesday night, I go to a Bible study on Revelation. Both are precept classes, which I love!

Thursday was lazy. I needed that lazy day. My dear husband didn't mind that I went to a Moms' Night Out with my MOPS group. It was a blast! We did a game night and we each brought a reject gift. They were hilarious!

And today is Friday. I was supposed to work tonight. I am a counselor for overnight parties at the Fort Worth Zoo. The weather here is bad and supposed to get worse (as in possibly icy). The party cancelled, which I think was smart and responsible, so I have the evening off. I think tonight will be game night!

Oh, and I've been decided to be a substitute teacher starting this fall! My youngest enters kindergarten (which is all day here) and I've been thinking about what I want to do. I am a certified teacher and taught high school math for 4 years. I don't want to go back full time, but I think I'd really enjoy subbing. Who knows, maybe some day I'll go back full time.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I look forward to spending coffee time at your blogs :)


  1. Wow that is a busy week - I hope you have a relaxing weekend ahead of you!

  2. Wow your week was a busy as mine. Yum I wish I had some grandmother things. I am still trying to get mommy things out of her storage. Maybe someday. I will pray for your health. I will pray will heal. Although galbladder surgey isn't too bad so prayfully it will that or nothing! I won't leave a huge long post but I enjoy visiting and I'll be back since Yes we are neighbors and we will Stay neighbors. I am looking in Roanoke,Keller,Southlake. I am wondering where you are how West? My ministry serves a girls halfway house near Hulen Mall so I am over there 2-3 times a week. We do a chapel service on Sun evenings.
    Anyway I have to run for now but I'll be back and visit and read your blog later tonight when things settle down.
    Have a sweetly Blessed Day.

  3. I like precept studies because they really go in-depth in the Bible.

    It sounds like you've had a pretty hectic week! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. So enjoyed my first visit at your blog and hearing about your week. I'll be back for another visit. Happy week-end!

  5. You are busy! Your grandmother was so wise to have pre-selected homes for some of her treasures. It makes having the item much more enjoyable for you!

    One word of advice re. teaching: Don't let you certification lapse. You never know where life will take you.

    Thanks for stopping by Cozy Your Home.

  6. Thanks for stopping over at our blog. I've never heard of Apples of Gold before. That sounds very interesting. Thanks for sharing about your week. I'm glad you will have time off tonight. Sounds like subbing would be an ideal job for you at this time. Take care.

  7. I used to sub--I loved it. No prep and no take home...but a day that flies by thinking on your feet!

    I can't believe you are doing two precept classes...that's a lot of studying...good for you!!

    Happy Friday and Happy Night Off!

  8. my home sanctuary - please email me through my blog with your email address and I'll answer :)

  9. Lea, I look forward to the next visit :)

    Jamie, I've been checking into it. It appears that my certification is grandfathered and is still good.

    Joyce, Apples of Gold really is great.

    Dawn, I don't do either study the justice it deserves, but I still get a lot out of it!

  10. i've been trying hard to get to my Bible study group each week and you're right...the devil always gets in there and convinces us differently. Hope you're gall bladder behaves itself!

  11. Wow! Big week for you! Hope you are feeling better!

  12. WOW! you had a really busy week! i bet your grandmother's lane chest is beautiful!!! how sweet of her to give it to you!

  13. Hi Melinda,
    I am glad you found My Journey Back. I really try to keep it encouraging. And I try to use it to share God's love. Thanks for coming by and thanks for commenting.
    FYI we think we found a house in Southlake. We won't be able to take the animals but the owner has an Equine Riding Academy so I'll see horses out my back door. I have a place to move mine so it works out. I am just praying timing is right etc. for them and us and God provides all provision we need to work out the deal.
    Thanks for visiting.
    And I am glad my post was encouraging to you. BTW there are a few neighbors some older homes some Southlake homes. It might be a challenge but I am a big girl and I am going to share God with my new neighborhood.
    Praying you have a Blessed Weekend.

  14. I can relate to having a topsy-turvy week; it's been that kind of a month around year. Health affects everything! I hope you enjoy subbing. I've done a little and have mostly enjoyed it.

    Isaiah is a book I'm looking forward to studying. My Bible study group is doing it next year. I hope you find refreshment for body and soul this weekend. It's so important and hard to get when you have younger children...

  15. Hmmmm, you taught highschool math. You wouldn't want to come teach my 12 year old would you? I am beginning to realize I am not smart enough to homeschool math through highschool!

    I have just started a new Bible Study and loving it! Hope yours continue to bless you!

  16. I would love to hear more about the Apples of Gold program and how it worked for you. I have some of the material and am interested in using it with the ladies at our church. Have you blogged about it before? If not, perhaps you should! ;)

  17. Thanks for visiting my blog & for sending your prayers my way.
    It sounds like the educated guess is right on the money. I bet it is your gall bladder too. I too tried the low fat and bland diet. It was fine from Mar 09 until about 3 weeks ago. I knew I had gallstones back in Mar from an ultrasound but, the doc wanted to try low fat first, before removing it. He said you can have gallstones forever, as long as they don't cause a blockage to the liver or intestines. I hope your pain goes away but, you might want to get it check out. My doc said the pain means the gall bladder is inflamed or enlarged.
    Good luck!!!

  18. Wow you did have a busy week! I hope everything turns out okay with your gall bladder. My Hubby had to have his removed because of stones. It's probably something you want to keep an eye on.

  19. Hope you are feeling better - get lots of rest!


  20. Sherry, I'm glad you found a house! I am sure you will be a blessing to your neighbors. My DH is a farrier and does quite a few horses north of FW (We are in Weatherford).

    One More (sorry, I don't know your name), I'd be happy to help if I were closer. Hmmm, maybe that's a job for me - helping homeschooling moms with math. I fully respect all of you homeschooling moms. It was something we considered, but we felt that public school was the way to go for our oldest. So far, it's been great. But if I ever need to (or feel called to), I will pull them and homeschool.

    Cathy, I sent you an email on AoG. It really is a great program.

    Lauri, Shawna and Danielle, thanks for the thoughts on the gall bladder. I will definitely keep my eye on it. Tuesday night was the first attack ever (and it lasted all night long - my poor hubby didn't know what to do). So far so good - no more pain. I'm thankful that I have family in the medical field. And I'm thankful for all of the prayers :)

  21. Aw, that's so great that you got such a beautiful piece from your grandmother and that she left you such a sweet note - I would keep it in there forever too!

    Good luck with your gall bladder issues, and try to remember to take care of yourself while you're so busy taking care of everyone else. It's easy to forget sometimes!

    Thank you for the comment on my blog - you Company Girls are so wonderful, even my husband said so out of nowhere last night (I guess he's reading my comments too! haha).

  22. What a wonderful treasure from your grandmother!!!

  23. I have some of my grandmothers things too. I love them because they remind me of her. Sweet memories!
    What a great opportunity to sub in you kid's school.
    Take care of yourself. Hope you feel better!

  24. Melinda, what a week! Have I told you that I love the Weatherford area? I'd like to move out there...and I'd like my parents to move there, too. I'm in Midlothian, they are out by Possum Kindgom...we are too far from each other. I didn't realize that Sherry was in the DFW area also!

    Our women's ministry started looking into Apples of God but it never got very far this year. Maybe I need resurrect the idea....

    Hope things get better with the gall bladder..that's no fun. Bless you!

  25. Hey Melinda - thanks for stopping by :) Sounds like being a sub is a great idea for you! My mother-in-law was a teacher for a long time, but when they moved maybe 10 years ago she started subbing. Eventually she got a long-term sub in the library, she decided that's what she wanted to do, and now she's the school's librarian :) WHO KNOWS what the future holds for you!